Living with a Smile on Your Face

Combat the signs of aging on your skin for a more youthful look through a new skin care approach to shine like a star.

Why do celebrities hit the front pages of hot-selling magazines and are gossiped about so much around the social media network? The answer is two-fold. Undoubtedly they take care of their looks, their hairstyle, their skin, their figure and everything else that will make them appear physically appealing. However that is far from the whole picture. Many times, you see that these famous and attractive people also having a sunny outlook towards life, they know how to flow with the ups and downs in life or dance in the rain without bothering too much if they get wet, maybe just that their make-up gets all smudged up!

The Biggest Gift in Life..? It’s called “The Present”

Let’s face it, your crow feet on your forehead will become even deeper if you are always worrying, or worse still looking for something to worry about if you are passing through a quiet period in your life! A happy person always has a mind-set of appreciation. There is always something to be grateful about in life, even if it is just the fact that you woke up and you have the gift of life for yet another day! Look at what you have, not what you have lost! It is worth living in the present, whatever happened in the past is gone, whatever will come in the future is not here yet, none of which is the reality! So just deal with situations as they come and don’t worry about what is not yet here. Worry leads to stress as the body frantically looks for ways to solve the perceived problems. Such signs of stress also appear on the skin as dryness, fine lines, redness, acne or also tired eyes. So, love yourself by not putting more on your plate than what you need to deal with right now!

Pamper yourself and give the attention your skin required to uncover your beauty

A far-fetched dream for some, a luxury for others, but a reality for those that really have their skin well-being at heart! It doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury spa-break or a million-dollar facial, but taking at least 15 minutes a day taking care of your skin will preserve the largest organ that protects your body and gives you good looks! A good thorough wash to remove impurities, followed by an exfoliation to remove the layer of dead skin cells, continued by a serum to nourish the skin properly, adequately to close those widened skin pores or moisturized to retain the skin natural hydration, does not take long but it is an investment that your skin will thank you for! Furthermore it gives you an excuse to have some time just for yourself, loving your skin, taking care of it and appreciating it.  These are all signs of love towards the skin and what you give love to will give you back love, so would your skin and your looks not just now but also in the future!

A celebrity mindset: Feel the beauty inside yourself

As much as we would love to, no one can actually turn back the clock. When the clock stops, it would mean we are “late”, at which point it would not matter how we would look like any more. However even if the clock keeps on ticking, it does not have to let us feel down about it. Learn how to be flexible and do not let the signs of aging change your inner happiness. Even if time gives us a wrinkle or two, it does not have the power to steal our happiness. What does however have this robbing power is the fear of loss of attraction from others. However, as hard as it sounds, how we look outside is the mirror of our reality inside. People are actually attracted more towards our character and we tend to lose our attractiveness more having a depressed or negative outlook on things rather than the odd age spot here and there. Smiling more makes us look brighter and does not cost us anything yet it is a bigger attraction-factor than having a completely wrinkle-free skin but struggling to keep up appearances.

Be vigilant to what you are putting on your skin and in your body!

What we eat and put inside our body is what our body gives us back! This is a no-brainer really. The same thing applies to the ingredients in cosmetics we put on our skin. It is true that skin care results are paramount, however they should not be achieved at the expense of intoxicating our bodies with chemicals that will harm our bodies in the long term. For this reason so many people today are resorting to natural and organic ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. Not only because this is the latest trend or to help keep our conscience quiet, however it is simple to realise that it is better to give the body ingredients which are made up of a natural composition which are easily and readily available to the cells and which do not leave harmful residues or by-products after being used rather than using toxic artificial ingredients. The more we take care of the machine referred to as our body, the longer it lasts and the smoother it runs!

The secret formula to always keep your youthful look

The comments that other people pass about you is not really a reality about yourself but more of a reflection of the person that THEY are. Many times, our choice of friends or people who we decide to stay around or hang out with will influence our thoughts about ourselves and could either make us feel better, in such a case, it would be a positive company, or else, through a negative outlook on life or a downright spout of jealousy try to destroy our inner happiness. Just like time cannot do anything to affect our inner happiness, neither could other people’s words or actions. Hence if the judgement of attitude of a person is not conducive to make you happier, either be strong enough to disregard what that person is saying or consider if it’s worth keeping him or her in your life.

In a nutshell the secret formula for youthful everlasting looks coupled with an eternal flow of happiness is to smile more, love life, love yourself and your appearance and wellbeing will take a turn for the better in the New Year! There’s no better way than this to start caring holistically for yourself and to feel better not just in your skin but from the inside out!

By Kleem Organics

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