Science on a DNA Level

The Next Generation in Skin Care Technology

Kleem Organics® Skin Care Combines The Breakthrough Discoveries Of Epigenetics With Organic and Natural Ingredients For Innovative Anti-Aging Treatments

In a world largely dominated by products containing artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals, Kleem Organics® has taken serious interest in developing new anti-aging skin care products that go beyond the symptoms of aging to target the sources of it, making a big step towards a completely new approach in modern skin care.
We have identified a way to alter skin cells’ genetic make-up in order to promote a rejuvenated, healthier-looking, radiant skin in just a fortnight. This innovative approach is the result of a passionate research of the science of Epigenetics applied to the skin care industry and combined with the highest bio-available ingredients on the market.
Kleem Organics® uses natural, plant based extracts and the new knowledge of Epigenetics to produce innovative Anti Aging products that literally slow down the aging process.
Scientifically it was once believed that our ‘gene pool’ could not be affected by internal or external elements. “You are what you are” used to be the Scientific mantra. However, through an accurate scientific research it has been discovered that identical twins under study (keep in mind that identical twins have the exact same DNA) started to diverge in many ways as they grew up and progressively started aging. What would be commonly thought is that identical twins would be identical throughout their whole lives, yet recent studies have evidenced that many of our genes are influenced by ‘Epigenes’.
Epigenes can be compared to little ‘switches’, which have the power to “turn on” and “turn off” gene activity and their interactions. Hence, the process through which Epigenes control the gene pool is Epigenetics. Scientists’ work on the Human Genome Project consented to calculate that 160 genes in the humane gene pool, out of the 25,000, are responsible for skin function.
Kleem Organics uses its knowledge of Epigenetics to create a range of skin care products which can impact on those Epigenes that are associated with the genes which control skin aging in order to up- or down-regulate the gene expression. This procedure improves the appearance of skin, brightens its tone and evens out fine lines and wrinkles through the production of collagen.