Beauty from the inside out

The DNA is the complete information, contained in every single cell, which constitutes our body, derived from one’s mother and father. The DNA is made of genes, which are blocks of different information. Skin cells express only a certain number of genes, which makes them look alike and function as they should.
The expression of the DNA depends upon hereditary and non-hereditary factors, and although human beings do not have control over the factors that are inherited, thanks to the application of Epigenetics, they are able to control the non-hereditary factors.
Non-hereditary factors include environmental factors, such as diurnal/seasonal variations, diet and psychological factors. As previously said, Epigenetics can be likened to a switch, which is able to turn on and off the activity of some genes, such as those related to the skin aging process.
Thanks to this new approach, based on Epigenetics, the science behind Kleem Organics® allows us to reverse the signs of aging. When focusing on the psychological factors affecting our DNA, we need to keep in mind the proper mind-set, which is a necessary ingredient that will result in leading ourselves down the path to obtaining the desired results in our skin care.
We use only the purest highest quality nature-based ingredients to create our skin care products. Natural and organic ingredients have been found to be easier to be assimilated through the skin, giving it the best chances to enhance its health and glow.
The natural and organic ingredients, derived from rare and tropical plants all around the world, together with our positive thoughts, including feelings of self-worth and indeed the ability to gain a beautiful physical appearance, produces a shift in one’s skin cells’ expression, which then allows us to “switch on” genes which normally are deactivated between the ages of 30 and 35.
When these genes are active, they maintain a high level of collagen production, which is a vital component in the replacement of old and worn-out cells and helping with the overall rejuvenation of the skin. Throughout the aging process these genes are deactivated, and this is why the skin ages.

Where The Science Of Epigenetics Meets Beauty

The use of Epigenetics in skin care influences the cellular function and DNA expression, making the skin look healthier, younger and more vibrant.
Kleem Organics® has incredibly revolutionized anti-aging skin care as it has been traditionally known. The brand has provided its clients with the keys for effective anti-aging by encouraging them to take control of their physical appearance and potentiate the effect of the natural and organic ingredients we use by recognizing the innate beauty that lies within themselves.
When taking advantage of this science of Epigenetics, hundreds of people who tried this innovative technology applied in a skin care product perceived marked improvements in their skin appearance, including greater elasticity, heightened firmness and a radiant look in a relatively short period of time. Other visible effects included diminishing of facial lines and wrinkles, improved skin hydration, more resilience and less skin discolouration.
Epigenetics is the ingredient found in the Kleem Organics® mind-set that has been missing in other skin care companies’ approaches that actually hands over control to the client in slowing down the aging process, which has previously been considered to be something unstoppable.