Understanding what your body is telling you through signs on your skin

Fine lines, breakouts, redness or sun spots can be now detected by a new discovery in skin care.

Have you ever thought that imperfections in the skin might be caused by conditions inside your body? The face is like a map of the whole internal organ system and any aesthetically-unpleasant sign such as redness or puffiness could be a warning that something might not be functioning just as right as it should be inside your body.

The causes of breakouts and skin imperfections – comprehending what your body needs

Breakouts are often associated with an allergy or an intolerance to some skin care products that we use. Whereas this could be true many times, it could also be due to malfunctions or slowing down of the digestive system. To alleviate these symptoms, it is best to refrain from sugary foods and drink plenty of water to help the digestion system absorb food better.

The same signs on the skin towards the bottom of the face on the jaw bone or chin on the other hand, could be caused by a hormone imbalance. In the female sex, breakouts in the skin in this area is an indication of ovulation, whereas if it occurs repeatedly, it might be the sign that ovarian cysts might be present. These are usually caused by a female hormone imbalance so it is best to consult a gynaecologist who could check the hormone levels in the woman’s body.

The underlying causes of puffy, dark and baggy skin

Issues arising in the bladder or the kidneys might surprisingly enough manifest themselves in the face giving rise to puffy, dark and baggy skin. These signs are also big tell-tales of stress, meaning that it is best to slow down, take time out and consider more hours of sleep to allow the body to recover itself. Furthermore, certain foods and drinks which deprive the body of water such as alcohol and coffee do not help the kidney or bladder function correctly. On the other hand, they dehydrate the body even further exacerbating the above problems.

What could be the reason behind unusual redness, flakiness or unusually oily skin?

A silently-functioning but vital organ inside our body with more than five hundred different functions is the liver. Many times taken for granted, it is not only the most important filter in our body but also controls many vital body functions such as adjusts the metabolism and even controls our body temperature. Just like any other living organ, it could also be overloaded when we consume certain foods, such as those full of fat or else over-indulge in alcohol. A stressed liver is not good news for our physical well-being, so be aware of certain symptoms in your facial skin such as unusual redness, flakiness or else excessively oily skin. In this case, consider avoiding having your liver to work over-time by reducing the above-mentioned foods and considering a lower consumption of milk and associated dairy products.

Love your body from the inside out for a glowing and shining skin and wave goodbye to redness and irritation in your face

Now that winter is coming, you might experience redness or broken capillaries in the skin. This is a normal skin reaction in cold temperatures, however this seasonal change is not the only cause why capillaries burst in our skin especially around the cheeks. Surprisingly enough, there are two seemingly-unrelated organs inside our body which seem to work in harmony and when one is not working properly, neither the other one usually does! These organs are the lungs and the colon! You might be wondering why the source of oxygenation of our blood in the body has got to do with the excretion system, however seemingly they are! Our lungs are badly punished when we smoke or expose ourselves to pollution or even passive smoking from other people. The colon on the other hand, is no more than a series of muscles which depend on foods rich in roughage to be able to excrete our waste more efficiently. Hence, naturally, if we love our body by avoiding polluted or smoke-filled areas and be disciplined enough to ensure that we absorb unprocessed and fibre-rich foods as much as possible, we might quickly realise how the puffiness that we noticed on our cheeks or the capillaries that seem to be breaking for no reason, will soon disappear!

Redness in the face is often seen in people who suffer from high blood pressure, or indeed after a good night out with friends drinking red wine! However, if for some reason you notice that this redness doesn’t seem to want to go away even days after you have enjoyed drinking red wine, your body might be showing you a sign of internal congestion in the circulatory system due to consuming too much acids or animal fats in your diet. The heart in fact would be working overtime to pump blood around your body as your blood vessels are being gradually coated by a layer of cholesterol making your blood even harder to pass through. In an effort to keep blood supply in all areas of your body, the heart has to pump harder and faster, leading to high blood pressure. This high pressure might also be causing the capillaries to break as their walls are too weak to withstand the high pressure. Hence, consider also taking a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and yes, even red wine, but limited to one glass a day!

Irritation or skin problems around the sensitive area on the face where the side of the eye meets the cheekbone might be showing you that the gall bladder might not be functioning properly. This is the organ which is responsible to metabolise fats and oils. Therefore eliminating or reducing intake of these rich foods might resolve the problem. However, the same skin symptoms might arise if you are overwhelmed emotionally and you have to face multiple challenges or solve some problem. Finding time for yourself and ways to calm down so that you could see your bigger picture might not only help you solve your pending issues, but also gives you the pixel-perfect skin in the corner between your eyes and cheeks!

If your body is struggling to metabolise carbohydrates, maybe due to an insulin deficiency, this might show up as skin imperfections above the eyes.

The face can express not only the emotions that are passing through our mind, but it is also an open book of what is going on throughout our body. For holistic wellbeing, taking time for a careful skin care routine not only allows you to nourish your facial skin for the best results, but also allows you time to carefully observe all the signs and symptoms which might be red flags of something that is not quite right inside your body!

By Kleem Organics

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