Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities

Every time you purchase a product from us, you help improve the life of a person with disabilities.

Helping to improve lives

More than 10% of people with disabilities are unemployed, almost double the rate of unemployment among people without disabilities.

Individuals struggling with disabilities face discrimination and untold barriers that restrict them from participating on an equal basis with others in our society every day.

Quoting the words written in the Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is the inalienable right of every person.

The right to work is the same as the right to life, for it is by work that men and women live. Denying the right to work would mean to obstruct a person’s right to life and therefore, a man or woman can enjoy no freedom if denied the right to earn a living.

Creating employment opportunities for those suffering from disabilities requires the creation of an economic self-sufficiency and independency system for these many dedicated people. This can be accomplished by striving to provide them with meaningful work opportunities that will help them achieve personal growth and independence while promoting their social integration within the community.

We believe that support services play a key role in enabling people to enjoy their human rights on an equal basis, beyond disability or any other factor.

As such, we closely work with the Vocational Improvement Program (VIP) to increase fair working conditions and lifelong learning opportunities for staff employed in services.

Helping provide jobs

VIP works intimately with major corporations, including Kleem Organics®, Nestlé Distribution Center and many others to secure a variety of positions, including warehouse workers, janitorial services, assembly and packaging, loading/unloading, food services, facility and landscape maintenance, and more.

Last year, workers with a disability at VIP earned a total of $3.9 million dollars. Their valuable work helped those with disabilities with their own personal growth, achieving new technical and professional capabilities. The achievement of personal financial independence without relying on family members or society, sustains the local economy, and significantly reduces social security benefits and dependency upon other public assistance, while also paying tax back to the society. This clearly demonstrates how well the VIP system of employment for disabled people is working.

Thanks to your help, these many individuals receive the dignity and feelings of personal worth that can only be attained through employment in a meaningful job, while society gains one more productive, tax-paying member.

Through the worldwide growth of Kleem Organics® Skin Care Company, we are hopeful that this will provide us with the ability to offer more possibilities of an honest and rewarding job to as many people with disabilities as possible. This will then help to decrease the unemployment ratio among disabled people by offering them jobs that will give them their independence and a meaningful life.